Customs consulting services


We put at your disposal a global advisory service on international trade and import and export processes both within the European Union and in third countries.

Service areas


The Foreign Trade operation requires knowledge of various aspects of international trade.


Customs management is necessary in all sales outside the EU, import / export procedures, customs declarations and the management and filing of the documentation generated are crucial for operations abroad.

The use of customs authorizations, classification (tariff code), determination of origin and customs value are key elements to achieve the success of operations in international trade.


  • We offer support in the operational management of international trade.
  • Reduce tariffs and document management time for customs procedures.
  • Reduce expenses in international trade through legal tools that allow you to optimize the supply chain safely.
  • Customs mentoring and advice for internationalization
  • Study of the operations: diagnosis of improvement / optimization of customs resources.
  • Customs authorizations:
    • Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)
    • Special customs regimes: inward processing (RPA), outward processing (RPP), Customs Warehouse, ADT, Final Destination, temporary imports …
  • Tariff barriers, duty barriers and tariff analysis
  • Analysis of non-duty barriers / trade technical barriers: necessary documentation to import or export
  • Analysis of customs documentation
  • Analysis of Trade Policy and trade relations between countries: trade agreements
  • Protection against unfair trade
  • Antidumpings, quotas and tariff suspensions
  • Determination of preferential origin and non-preferential origin
  • Advice on strategy in matters of origin and optimization of supplier selection.
  • Made In
  • Customs authorizations regarding origin:
    • Authorized Exporter Number / Approved Exporter (EA / NEA)
    • Registered Exporter System (REX)

The tariff code of the products, the customs value, logistics aspects and the regulatory requirements related to the merchandise are other fundamental aspects to successfully pass customs controls throughout the supply chain and conclude commercial operations successfully.


  • Tariff code function and determination of the tariff code
  • Labeling and regulatory
  • Allegations before the Administration and attention to the requirements
  • Trade sample management
  • Delivery conditions: Advice on the use of international rules and practices that regulate the conditions of delivery of goods in international trade (INCOTERMS).
  • Customs value
  • Transportation costs, insurance, concepts related to the customs value and customs invoice
  • Dual Use technologies

Management applications and tools

Why we?


Own team of specialized legal professionals with more than 20 years of experience, to cover any legal query related to the national or international scope.

Value added


Go international safely


Avoid obstacles in international trade to guarantee that your product or service reaches its destination without incidents and delays. Good advice through legal tools that allow reducing costs, optimizing the resources of importing and exporting companies and facilitating the management and successful completion of operations and services associated with international trade operations.


For companies that are starting in the world of import or export, or, for consolidated companies in this field that need advice with the aim of mastering customs and international trade processes, facilitating companies the maximum use of opportunities offered by customs procedures.

Legal solutions to make consistent decisions and guarantee the legality of internal procedures. Plan operations and resolve legal doubts covering any of the areas of internationalization of a company: from customs management and documentation, to auditing and consulting, through the legal field and tax management.