VAT represents up to 27% of the total amount paid and can be a significant burden on the resources of the company. When doing business abroad, VAT is a recurring issue, whether it’s the recoverable VAT for business expenses or the obligation to register for VAT in the case of taxable supplies. The complexity of foreign tax administrations procedures and the language barriers often lead to companies not recovering the full amount of VAT due, or not meeting their cross-border VAT compliance obligations, which usually entails significant penalties.


Taxback International and Torrents Law & Customs have come together to help clients simplify the VAT process, ensuring multi-jurisdiction indirect tax compliance and maximized refunds. Torrents Law & Customs chose to partner with Taxback International for their over 25 years’ industry-leading cross-border indirect tax compliance expertise, providing an end-to-end managed process for all VAT filings along with full visibility and control over all VAT compliance obligations through cutting-edge technology.


Taxback International combines innovative technology, deep industry expertise and value-added partnerships to deliver comprehensive VAT solutions that maximise VAT reclaim and minimise risks:


  • We fully manage all VAT obligations across multiple countries, wherever they arise.
  • Our VAT Compliance technology delivers full visibility over historic and current global VAT activities.
  • Our combination of knowledge-based technology and our in-house VAT experts ensure 100% VAT compliance.


Taxback International is automating and simplifying VAT compliance for organisations that struggle to manage numerous entities and tax offices, while delivering on complex tax deadlines in multiple currencies.

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